Handmade Wooden Lounge Chair Contemporary, cornwall, mid-century oak chair, ash chair, walnut chair

LoMo One Seater

Following on from the highly sought after Acorn Seater range, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the LoMo One and Two-Seater. 

 The name LoMo is an abbreviation for Local Motion, which we think of as the ebb and flow of life away from crowded urban spaces, where the seasons, the ocean tides and the day’s light combine to influence the way of being.

 With the LoMo collection, we’ve kept the same key elements of simplicity, style and comfort, but wrapped it all into a new, clean silhouette. We chose Sycamore for its radiance and lustre, a light wood that wonderfully compliments our structured hand-sewn upholstery. Also available in Ash, Oak or Black Walnut.

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2014 LoMo One Seater